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It’s been some time since my last blog for Early Bird. Time flew by. Life happened. There were moments. Students squealed with joy. Teachers had breakthroughs. We evolved. We are ever evolving. We strive to embody the true essence of emergent education, child led in the best ways and guided with love by the most compassionate staff on the planet. It was just over a year ago since I wrote and so much has transpired. Last November I spoke of sensory play expansion, facility changes, and curriculum enhancements underway. All of this and so much more magic has happened. Early Bird Preschool is a heart centered community. Our students learn age appropriate academics through play, and we play hard. Our students dig in sand, mix up mud and water, build with small and giant manipulatives, cook, bake and grow food. They dance and sing, paint with their fingers, make lemons explode and most of all they have fun. They downward dog and tree pose with a heartfelt “Namaste” before their organic, plant-based morning snack. If they need a break or are having a tough day, a quiet one to one moment happens with snacks, hugs, coloring or solitary dramatic play and maybe some background music. The office is an open door and they seek it out. We all need a little extra attention sometimes. If a student is too wiggly for a carpet square, they can take a breather and join friends who are outside. They lead, we guide gently, they learn. I am filled with awe every day by their development and joy.

We are ending the year basking in the warm glow of our second annual Winter Gala. The children were sweet in their winter whites and they sang their little hearts out. Beautiful, plant-based catering provided by Om Sabor was delicious. Growth occurs so rapidly in early childhood and I look forward to 2020 when our toddlers will become even more independent, the preschoolers will count even louder, and our early kindergarten friends will write with even more confidence. I want to acknowledge the growth and tremendous momentum we have experienced for over thirty years. I want to share gratitude for my mother who built this business from the ground up out of love. I want to express thanks to the incredible staff who are the heart of the home. And I want our families to know that we appreciate the trust in us, to care for their most precious possessions. They are precious to us, too.

While I knew 2019 would be a transformative year, I had no idea what was in store. Early Bird has flourished and filled my heart. I also grew as an educator and knew that I wanted to do more. The world is changing, and our children will have a different future than anything we have experienced. Education needs to evolve in order to prepare them for a different climate with different food systems. They need effective communication tools and a sense of self-efficacy to survive in a new world. I connected with the MUSE School and it provides a platform for everything I could envision in education and beyond. It was a clear choice to bring that model here to the Bay Area and so, MUSE Global Redwood City is opening in September! For more information on MUSE Global School Redwood City, please visit: I am humbled with gratitude at the opportunity to work with many more families in our community. Stay tuned for all the exciting things to come and have a wonderful new year!

About MUSE Global
MUSE Global is an international education system offering effective, innovative, and passion-based learning experiences within a plant-based, sustainable environment. Founded in 2006 by sisters Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis, the flagship MUSE School in Calabasas quickly grew to two campuses, now with over 200 students. In the summer of 2018, MUSE Global was born – an international franchise model dedicated to sharing its vision of inspiring and preparing our future leaders to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet. To learn more about MUSE Global and its franchise opportunities, please visit

Anjelica Price-Rocha
Director of Public Relations, MUSE Global

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