November, November

When I reflect on our November at Early Bird Preschool, I get a sense of the tremendous growth we are experiencing. We had a lovely visit from Budding Geniuses. Mr Al provided a fun and extensive science lesson on water, allowing the children to have a hands-on science experience. We look forward to seeing Mr. Al for another science lesson in January of next year. The students love special guests and they had a great time experimenting with water conservation techniques!

While California fires tragically burned from end to end of our gorgeous state, we faced an entirely new challenge of keeping the children indoors for days until air quality improved. We discovered the children’s passion for play-based learning is tireless and we fully embraced it! We spent days building elaborate block cities, we took sensory play to new levels by combining sensory bin materials to create swamps, beaches, dinosaur lairs, mountains, roads and anything else their imaginations could dream up. We stretched and found our inner peace with yoga and mindful meditation practices. We studied our Bean of the Month, the kidney bean and we cooked and baked and ate our way through the shelter-in-place protocol. And of course, we danced our wiggles away!

Our wonderful families dug into their hearts and closets and donated clothing and supplies to the local houseless community. For more information on this please visit Ahimsa Project SF on Instagram @ahimsa_project_sf if you would like to get involved. We also saw the beginning of our yard makeover, a transformation from a typical play yard to an outdoor classroom complete with a full sensory experience, hands-on play materials, expanded seating for outdoor meals and art, more planters for growing organic fruits and vegetables, and new physical play toys and structures. This is made possible again by our amazing families and community who participated in our holiday catalog fundraiser back in September. We hope to complete the transformation in December. As we enter December my heart is full and my mind is racing to keep up with time and all the plans we foresee for our students for the remainder of this academic year. Gratitude and abundance are words that come to mind as end of the calendar year approaches. We have a lot to be thankful for and are looking forward to the sparkle and shine of the approaching holidays, stay tuned!


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