Welcome to Early Bird Preschool 2018/2019 School Year!

During this first week of September, the first week of our current academic year, we reflect on the beautiful summer we had. It was a bittersweet transition to see my mother, our beloved Teacher Hamideh, retire in June as Director after over 30 years of hard work and dedication. I am humbled and honored to follow in her footsteps, and I look forward to 30 more years of making Early Bird memories! We are so happy to keep this family business alive, and we enjoy frequent visits from Teacher Hamideh and Teacher Baba Joon, everyone’s favorite grandpa!

In June we also celebrated our graduating pre-k class as our summer kick off tradition. They were adorable as ever doing their performance and accepting diplomas in their cap and gown. It’s always hard to say goodbye over the summer, and at the same time it is exciting to begin to welcome new friends to our EB community. Our summer was filled with dance parties, water play, sidewalk chalk, nature walks where we collected sticks, leaves and rocks and tons of other fun projects.

For this year’s annual staff All Hands Workshop, everyone worked hard to create a fresh new space by elevating their classrooms to make the learning experience more effective and engaging. The most dramatic make-over this week occurred in the Sparrow classroom, and I know all of our little Sparrows are going to love it! (The Starling, Sandpiper and new Skylark group revealed their dramatic classroom makeovers earlier this summer.)

We worked on our expanded curriculum, adding in new plans to have fun using newer STEM and HighScope to our play-based learning methods. Our staff also had the opportunity to participate in ongoing professional development and learned more about the practice of Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science theory, as a transformational teaching and learning methodology to integrate minds, hearts, and hands into our teaching practice. You can learn more by clicking the link here. It was a relevant and fulfilling opportunity to learn about resiliency, authentic presence, communication and putting our best selves forward for our children and families.

Overall, we are feeling truly blessed and thrilled for what’s to come. We have so much love for our children, families and our community. We hope you enjoy the website and the school as much as we do. Cheers to a wonderful school year ahead!

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